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Reinsurance in India

We are a leading composite broker, providing end-to-end solutions for Treaty and Facultative placements with a strong ability to provide / create capacity for our clients having very strong market relations and leverage and experience across multiple markets. Our reinsurance practice comprises team members who have decades of experience accessing global markets to place risks in reliable hands.

We are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of service and responsiveness. We familiarise ourselves with our client's business and risk retention philosophy, while maintaining clear records of their business to assist the reinsurer(s) or others. We render advice based on technical data on the reinsurance covers available in the international reinsurance markets and maintain a database of available reinsurance markets, including ratings of individual reinsurers. We exercise due care and diligence at the time of selection of reinsurers and international insurance brokers having regard to their respective security rating and establishing respective responsibilities at the time of engaging their services.


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