Housing Insurance Brokers in India

Housing Societies

Housing Societies are an integral part of housing solutions for India's future.

The concept is spreading to B and C tier cities as well. This is ideal for the growing population of India with gated communities, secure environment, common utilities, clubs, and playing areas. Most of these are built by private developers and unfortunately quality compromises are often noticed. With RERA regulations, developers have now been made accountable for making deliveries on time, providing proper land & apartment documentations and assured product quality.


Mumbai Housing Societies are not Insured


Indian subcontinent - Landmass is vulnerable to natural catastrophes

Prudent provides customised solutions to address:

  • Valuation of the old buildings to take care of depreciation and inflation risk
  • Arriving at correct value (SUM INSURED) by including crucial costs and excluding non-essential costs for a completed project
  • Coverage for landscaping, internal roads, parking lots, street light poles, security cabins etc. which are often ignored or left out from insurance
  • Coverage for Plant & Machinery and IT equipment for MBD and EEI insurance