Insurance for Educational Institutions in India

Educational Institutes

Insurance for Educational Institutions in India

We know how important it is to keep students, faculty, facilities, and school materials protected. With an experience of more than a decade, our dedicated industry-specific underwriters have the experience and resources to do that and more.

In fact, both educators and educational institutions today, face more risks than ever. Whether it is an on-campus crisis, sexual harassment, campus security, the evolving educational methods are presenting a new set of challenges. While it is feasible to take some essential steps to curtail or avoid losses to some extent, it makes complete sense to opt for an additional cover, which is available in the form of educational institution insurance policy.

The insurance for educational institutions covers a wide variety of educational institutions, including:

  • Private elementary and high schools
  • Vocational/trade schools
  • Community and junior colleges
  • Public elementary and high school districts


  • Protection against natural perils
  • Secures property
  • Covers against employee dishonesty
  • Protects you against your worker’s liability
  • Secures students
  • Protection for public liability

Educational institutions face a myriad of risks and Prudent is equipped to help clients create a customized plan for your budget and needs. Further, our experts carefully examine institutional requirements to provide an apt level of coverage against risks which may arise. Apart from being there when buying the policy, Prudent is also there with the client at the time of claim. Insurance experts are available to guide you and take care of all insurance woes.

Risk Management

Tailored to protect educational institutions physical and digital property


Coverage plans to meet each institute’s specific needs