International Memberships

Worldwide Broker Network

The Worldwide Broker Network is a 30+-year old global network comprised of leading independent commercial and benefits brokers from over 100 countries serving multinational clients. With members’ global premium of over $55 billion, the WBN ranks as the third largest broker globally. Members coordinate on multinational insurance programs adhering to guiding principles and using a global communication platform that unite all members and enable them to work seamlessly together.


unisonSteadfast is one of the largest independent and medium-sized brokerage networks worldwide, providing its members access to high quality cross-border insurance solutions and excellent service since 2005. The network has over 1000 broker members in 140 countries on 6 continents, producing total premium of over $30 billion. Headquartered in Hamburg, with a US subsidiary in Chicago, and an office in Shanghai, unisonSteadfast has numerous local specialists for international insurance solutions – at all major industrial locations around the world.


The Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING) is a well-established international partnership covering more than 55 countries. Founded in 1990, the Worldwide Insurance Network Group (WING) is a select panel of independent insurance brokers who are dedicated to delivering coordinated, integrated insurance, risk management, employee benefits and consultancy services through expert specialist teams for businesses operating on the global stage.

GrECo Nova

GrECo nova is a global specialist insurance broking network, which provides clients with decisive benefits in all their global ventures in 200 countries. The GrECo nova network is managed by GrECo Group, a family owned business with origins in 1925. Since 1989 GrECo has expanded from its HQ in Vienna to operate in 17 countries in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Europe through 57 subsidiaries and more than 1000 employees.


Asinta is a vibrant, strategic partnership of independent employee benefits advisors that span the globe. With members and associates in 104 countries, Asinta cultivates an ecosystem of first-class global employee benefits experts who provide mid-market multinational clients with compliant equitable and cost-effective benefits solutions outside their home country.

The Funk Alliance - The Funk International Network

The Funk-Gruppe was founded in 1879 by Theodor Funk and remains an independent insurance broker, the largest German owner-managed firm. The Funk-Gruppe formed The Funk Alliance to serve their clients worldwide. Today, the Funk Alliance has members in 100 countries who share its value of independence.


VERSPIEREN is the third largest commercial broker in France and operate their own international network of insurance brokers, subsidiaries and partners, VERSPIEREN INTERNATIONAL, covering more than 140 countries.

Groupe Verspieren started as an insurance brokerage firm founded by Alfred Verspieren in 1880, in Roubaix, France. After a century of development, with the help of his sons Piere and Charles, the company expanded and founded several companies to diversify the group’s brokerage activities: Verspieren Credit Management, specialising in insurance/credit brokerage, reinsurance broker Verspieren Global Markets, Platus, an insurance broker focusing in political risk, and Cirano, especially for the automotive industry.

Sequoia Global Network

Sequoia Global Network (SGN) works with people-first businesses to provide strategic global guidance, local country benefits support, and global mobility solutions to support their global mission. Sequoia’s global consulting team has decades of combined experience guiding the global benefits strategies for people-first employers. They have a proven track record helping clients improve the design, financing, and delivery of their benefit arrangements around the world, as well as first-hand, in-country backgrounds and deep knowledge of local benefits practices to guide clients’ benefits program implementation. Sequoia Global Network provides global benefits services in 130 countries through members who include local actuaries, brokers, and consultants.

Strategic Tie-ups

Partnership with RIMS

RIMS, the risk management society, is a global not-for-profit committed to advancing the practice of risk management throughout the world.

Prudent has partnered with RIMS to strengthen the risk management fraternity. Our engagement with RIMS is the first of its kind platform designed to share knowledge sharing via webinars, certificate courses, panel discussions, and masterclasses conducted by industry experts.

The risk management landscape in India is fast evolving. However, risks are dynamic and complex in nature and there are related issues and solutions that need to be earnestly adapted to the Indian context.

Our programs address important topical issues related to business continuity at the backdrop of the pandemic, changes in cyber risk exposures while working from home, demystifying contractual risk transfer, changing trade credit exposures and impact on insurance solutions, changes in consumer protection act, its risk impact and insurance solution, and we are geared up to contribute more.