Distillery Insurance in India

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Distillery Insurance in India

From milling to mashing to fermentation, each step of the process of making spirits carries unique risks.

Prudent understands that the insurance needs of a distillery are a far cry from the needs of the other businesses they serve. That is why we craft our distillery insurance with the same level of care that clients put into producing spirits.

Just as products are unlike anything else in the world, solutions from Prudent are designed with every client’s specific needs in mind. Not only do clients take the risk to make their dream of running a high-quality distillery a reality, they also mitigate countless risks every day to make it work.

From the threats related to production to those related to sampling finished products, Prudent has every client covered. Unlike most insurance companies that offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ policies for distilleries, Prudent carefully considers the threats and risk exposures of client specific business in planning the coverage.


Tailored to your business


Unique, directly based on your business’s individuality

Coverages Include:

A Distillery CPP commonly packages three basic coverages mentioned below:

General Liability Insurance

This insurance is important for any type of small business, especially Distilleries. This coverage can help protect a distillery from financial damages incurred as a result of third-party lawsuits.

Commercial Property

Commercial property coverage can help with the cost of replacing a Distillery’s property, buildings, and equipment.

Business Income Insurance

This insurance is designed to safeguard a Distillery against a loss of income from business interruption. It can also help with the costs of relocating and operating out of a temporary location during the recovery phase.

Other distillery coverages to consider:

While there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ insurance solution available for a modern distillery, the following list includes some important coverage options to consider:

It’s important to note that the aforementioned list of coverages is far from exhaustive.

We request distillery and brewery owners to give us a call to explore comprehensive coverage options.