Insurance for Chemical Firm


Insurance for Chemical Industry

There are a wide variety of hazardous chemicals in the Chemical & Fertilizer industry that are flammable, toxic, and explosive.

In order to undertake proper risk management, we take into account the entire lifecycle of every chemical.

As part of the Chemical & Fertilizer industry, you must be well aware of the inadequacies in layout of the plant, material selection, chemical risk assessment, process safety management, electrical safety, emergency planning, etc. At Prudent, we understand the chemical management industry and provide the advice and insurance you need.

Needless to say, our dedicated Chemical and Fertilizers team is well equipped to provide you with customized insurance solutions. We make sure you are covered even in the most unforeseen circumstances and that there are no gaps in your coverage. With Prudent, you are assured of the best possible coverage as we specialize in providing tailor-made client-specific solutions.

Risk Management

Primarily implemented with measures for process safety

Chemical Sector

Subjected to complex legal framework with regular amendments

Key Products and Coverages Include: