Insurance for Engineering Companies in India

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Insurance for Engineering Companies in India

Giving professional advice is risky business. In addition to being held responsible for their own mistakes on a project, an Engineer can, at times, end up being held responsible for the mistakes of subcontractors and others.

Every client works very hard at building their Engineering Business to let something like a coverage gap threaten it. Whether someone is a sole proprietor, a co-owner of a firm, or a consultant, Engineering Insurance is a must for them. The liabilities involved with designing public spaces, consumer goods, and facilities are vast

No one is immune to the effects of Murphy’s Law where a simple mistake can threaten the viability of Engineering businesses. No matter the scope of business or the industry, coverages from Prudent ensure peace of mind.

Tailored plans

Built by industry experts


Costly repairs, lost productivity and interruption to your supply

Key Products and Coverages Include:

Prudent believes the unique needs of each business and prefers a custom-tailored policy, that includes a few essential coverages almost every Engineer should carry.

Other Engineering Insurance Coverages Options

Depending on the unique operations of a business, it may also require additional coverages outside of E&O and a standard BOP (Business Owners Policy). Some coverages may want an electrician insurance policy(but certainly are not limited to) that includes:

It is important to note that the aforementioned list of coverages is far from exhaustive.

Rather, it is here to help serve as a guideline for figuring out the coverages that make sense to businesses. Depending on business operations, some of the coverages on this list may not make sense, while others that are not listed may seem good.