Insurance for Infrastructure in India

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Insurance for Infrastructure in India

While undertaking a major construction project, managing risk exposure has become increasingly complex.

These threats can result in increasing costs and uncertainty. Be it Roads, Tunnels, Ports, Power Plants or otherwise, we deliver comprehensive insurance solutions for the entire lifecycle of construction projects of any kind.

We offer comprehensive insurance expertise to construction professionals like contractors, project managers, bankers/financiers, employers and insurers from the planning stage of any construction project to completion. You’ll find that we offer a variety of tailor-made construction insurance solutions, so that the risks inherent to working in your industry are covered.

Our team is your first line of defence against construction risk, both insurable and uninsurable. We bring years of experience in the construction sector to help you identify potential risks, while saving you time and money.

The team gets actively involved with you right from the pre-construction phase for Risk Engineering, Insurability, Capital Deployment, while designing an insurance program to meet all parameters of the project. We ensure that our bespoke insurance solutions keep your project at the center of the risk management process while ensuring there are no gaps in coverage.


To business risks, maintenance, commercial and political risks along all stages of development


Infrastructure sector contribution to India’s industrial output

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