Power Insurance Brokers in India


Power Insurance in India

India being one of the fastest growing economies of the world, its industrial activities and urbanisation is prompting it to become one of the largest consumers of energy too.

Today’s power and energy companies face significant and wide-ranging risks. A rig accident or oil spill can have environmental and reputational impacts. Power blackouts due to aging infrastructure, weather, and human error can cause severe interruption to supply. Increasing political and social unrest may present additional challenges, including local regulation that can pose challenges for production and distribution.

Energy and Power Practice can help navigate these challenges. We advise on risk and insurance issues impacting operational and financial success throughout the entire energy and power value chain. By reducing the total cost of risk, managing volatility, and providing advice and solutions that enable investment confidently for the future, we help clients succeed.

Government policy makers have worked extensively to change the dependency on traditional power like coal to renewable energy like solar, wind, and hydroelectricity, as it helps in carbon emission and provides sustainable and alternate energy solutions. Prudent offers innovative risk mitigation solutions for this sector to innovate and introduce comprehensive risk mitigation solutions.

$9–10 Billion

Losses remain uninsured in India

Energy & Power

Are important economic drivers that are exposed to changing risk landscape

Prudent provides traditional and RI-driven solutions for this sector, such as: