Software & Technology

Information Technology industry has been growing at an unprecedented rate, especially with the advent of cloud computing.

Companies are storing massive amounts of data, and in the process, they are exposing themselves to substantial risks in the event of Data Theft, Software Mishap or Security Breaches. It is no surprise then that it has now become a matter of concern and a basic requirement for businesses to protect themselves against such IT breaches.

Companies that are dealing in technology, are setup by experienced professionals who are fully equipped to set new standards and change the status quo of the industry. That is why there are possibilities of businesses facing unique risks from both external factors and from the client’s very own products and services. At Prudent Brokers, we can comprehend the risks associated with companies that are performing on the cutting edge of technology. In order to cater to this challenge and to help clients rise above these, we have handpicked an experienced team that has gone ahead and consulted some of the most innovative technology companies around the globe. Needless to say, we partner to assist clients in developing a sound strategy to protect their company and employees from the pitfalls that will come in the way as the industry grows at an unprecedented pace.


Average cost of data breach in India in 2020

9.7 Billion

Data records have been lost or stolen globally since 2013 because of data breach

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