Cos may now have to bear bigger slice of insured loss (Mar 10, 2010 - Economic Times)
Economic Times
According to Pavanjit Singh Dhingra of Prudent Insurance Brokers, an increase in deductibles was expected as the current deductible levels were fixed in the ‘90s. - "However, we believe that every insurer should ascertain and price risk according to their individual strengths and capacity. It seems that insurers feel that they cannot be individually disciplined enough to underwrite risks as per their own judgment and that a market agreement is required with all acting in concert to prevent one from undercutting the other," he said.

"Another way of looking at this situation is that insurers are finding it difficult internally to enforce pricing discipline and are trying to curtail claims instead. From these steps and the difficulty that insurers are having with their treaty renewals makes us feel that we may see higher prices in the near future as well," said Mr. Dhingra.